Mya Ayer was founded in 1986 by two aspiring people known as Mr.Tin Ohme and Mr.Soe Myint who are dear uncle and nephew. They started by a small factory which manufactured Coconut Oil. In those good-old days, coconut oil was extremely popular product for hair in Myanmar. After a few years of working together, Mr.Tin Ohme sold off all his shares unconditionally to Mr. Soe Myint, thus left 'Mya Ayer' to the sole care of Mr.Soe Myint, who is still our honored chairman.

"We shall massively produce coconut oil so that we gain the benefit of economy of scale and sell it cheaper than others; and let our people use it cheaply. We shall make profit not in price, but in massive production"

- Mr.Tin Ohme

"Quality and Customer satisfaction is our highest priorities. So it is important that we control the quality of our products and our prices to be stay competitive, by continuous research and development"

- Mr. Soe Myint

Mya Ayer is conceived in 1986 by Mr. Tin Ohme and Mr. Soe Myint. It has gone on to grow successful businesses in sectors ranging from Manufacturing, Trading & Construction.


Corporate Vision & Philosophy

To gain the highest market shares by meeting our customer’s expectations. Provide value for money by leveraging research & development.

Customer Delight

Full satisfaction to our customers who purchase our product & services.

Build Excellence

Channelling our energy for constantly improving our people, service, technology and products in all aspect of our businesses.


Reliability & trustworthiness in all our relationships, commitment to earn trust & respect.

Innovation & creativity

Build a team, which have passion & commitment to find creative solutions to delight our customers.