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Mya Ayer Manufacturing is not only one of the most innovative and leading coconut products manufacturers in Myanmar but also processes other foods, beverage and consumers’ products. We have fourteen different SKUs under eight brands. Some of our brands such as Mya Ayer, Shwe Ayer, Cocohealth, etc are popular in Myanmar market. We also export excellent quality Cold Pressed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

Conceived in 1986 by Mr.Tin Ohme and Mr.Soe Myint, Mya Ayer Manufacturing has gone on to grow successful businesses in sectors ranging from Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture and Cosmetic Shop Chain. Several factors help to ensure its on-going success. The power of Mya Ayer brand; our several decades old reputation; our unrivalled network of friends, contacts and partners; our management style; and the empowerment of staff contribute to the success of our ventures.

We believe in making a difference. We stand for value for money, quality, innovation, fun and a sense of competitive challenge. We strive to achieve this by empowering our employees to continually deliver an unbeatable customer experience and continuous improvement in everything we do by constant research and development activities.

Photo: Copra Coconut Oil Factory in No.4 Heavy Industrial Zone, Ywar Thar Gyi, South Dagon T/S, Yangon.

Our Factories are situated in (1) No.4 Heavy Industrial Zone, Ywar Thar Gyi, South Dagon Township, Yangon Division (2) Man-Aung Township, Rakhine State (3) Tavoy Township, Thaninthayi Division and we produce –

  1. Copra Coconut Oil (CNO)
  2. Coconut Hair Oil Bottles
  3. Cold Pressed Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Modified Fermentation Method)
  4. Cold Pressed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Expeller Method)
  5. Organic Coconut Water Vinegar
  6. Coconut Water Juice
  7. Coconut Cookies
  8. Low Fat Desiccated Coconut Flakes (Animal Feed)
  9. Coconut Coir
  10. Coconut Peat (Organic Fertiliser)
  11. Virgin Coconut Oil Soap
  12. Textured Vegetarian Soya Nugget (Mock Meat)
  13. Textured Vegetarian Soya Fish Cake (Mock Fish Cake)
  14. Fried Tofu Flakes (Snack)

Photo: Soya Food Plant in No 4. Heavy Industrial Zone, Ywar Thar Gyi, South Dagon T/S, Yangon.


Every two out of five people in Myanmar must be customers of our products.


To produce value added products in Myanmar and distribute value for money products for people.


  • Quality of Products
  • Efficiency –
  • Precision of Time, Instructions, Efforts, Work and Management
  • Research & Development



1. Coconut Hair Oil Bottles

Other than selling Copra Coconut Oil in bulk, we also produce ‘Coconut Hair Oil’ in 15ml plastic bottle for the convenience of our customers. The tradition of using Coconut Oil for Hair Care in Myanmar and other ASEAN countries dates back to thousands of years. It has been handed down as traditional Hair Cosmetic by generation to generation up until now, despite one could find all kind of imported cosmetic products flooded in consumer market, a great percentage of Myanmar ladies still apply Coconut Hair Oil with great appreciation. It is scientifically proven that Coconut Oil can conditions and strengthen hair. Moreover, it miraculously help your hair to turn Black. So if you love dark hair, “MYA AYER” Coconut Hair Oil is what you should go for.

Brand Name - Mya Ayer
Product Description - Coconut Hair Oil Bottles
Net Weight - 15ml

2. Cold Pressed Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Modified Fermentation Method)

Cocohealth is an excellent, high quality extra virgin coconut handcrafted by cold pressed modified natural fermentation method at a FDA approved production Facility. Due to the use of free range organic coconuts, freshness, careful handling in all stages of processing and following all GMP standards, our Cocohealth has less FFA (i.e. free fatty acid) and more MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) than average VCO. Therefore, it rivals any other virgin coconut oil for in taste and quality hence the word ‘extra’, but retains a mild coconut flavor and aroma. It is purely organic, as Myanmar coconut trees are free range in nature and none of the coconut farmer uses fertilizers and other chemicals. This oil is crystal clear and colorless in the liquid state and an immaculate white when solid. No chemicals or heat are used in any stage of the process. Cocohealth brand has two products, supplement in glass bottle and tube as night serum.

Product Description - Cold Pressed Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Modified Fermentation Method)
Net Weight - Supplement: 207ml (7FL Oz), Serum: 108ml

Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

  • Improves or Reverses Alzheimer’s disease
  • Improves Type 2 AND Type 1 Diabetes
  • Reduces Heart Diseases
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Supports the Immune System
  • Improves or Heals Many Skin Diseases
  • Conditions and Strengthens Hair
  • Provides Peak Performance Energy
  • Kills Candida Fungus
  • Helps with Hypothyroidism
  • Kills many Bacteria AND Viruses


  • For dietary supplement, may take one table spoon (14g).
  • Can use as baby oil, body lotion and cooking oil.
  • May add as flavor in Beverages, topping on Ice-Cream and Salads.
  • Can use for Oil Pulling.

3. Organic Coconut Water Vinegar

4. Virgin Coconut Oil Soap

Brand Name - SEIN AYER
Product Description - Virgin Coconut Oil Soap
Net Weight - 10 g