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Mya Ayer was founded in 1986 by two aspiring people known as Mr.Tin Ohme and Mr.Soe Myint who are dear uncle and nephew. They started by a small factory which manufactured Copra Coconut Oil (CNO). In those good-old days and still, coconut oil is extremely popular product for hair in Myanmar. After a few years of working together, Mr.Tin Ohme sold off all his shares unconditionally to Mr. Soe Myint, thus left 'Mya Ayer' to the sole care of Mr.Soe Myint, who is still our honored Chairman. Mya Ayer Group has gone on to grow successful businesses in sectors ranging from Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture and Cosmetic Shop Chain.

As Myanmar is opening its door to the rest of the world, we are also open to joint-venture and partnership for those companies that wish to expend their business in Asia's most intriguing, beautiful and hospitable country with plenty of new business opportunities.