Mya Ayer was founded in 1986 by two aspiring people known as Mr.Tin Ohme and Mr.Soe Myint who are dear uncle and nephew. They started by a small factory which manufactured Copra Coconut Oil (CNO). In those good-old days and still, coconut oil is extremely popular product for hair in Myanmar. After a few years of working together, Mr.Tin Ohme sold off all his shares unconditionally to Mr. Soe Myint, thus left 'Mya Ayer' to the sole care of Mr.Soe Myint, who is still our honored Chairman. Mya Ayer Group has gone on to grow successful businesses in sectors ranging from Manufacturing, Construction and Agriculture.

As Myanmar is opening its door to the rest of the world, we are also open to joint-venture and partnership for those companies that wish to expend their business in Asia's most intriguing, beautiful and hospitable country with plenty of new business opportunities.

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To become one of the well Respected Myanmar Corporations.


To achieve $20 million turn-over target in next 10 years from 2017.



To create decent job opportunities for Myanmar People and be a helping hand in Myanmar’s Sustainable Development.


Responsible: We care about our community and environment. Our business is responsible and we support CSR projects in education, training, healthcare and disaster relief.

Ethical: Fairness is our principle when it comes to building our organization. We implement ethical business policies and practices in all aspects of business conducts.

Inclusive: We urge to find profitable ways to engage with our supply chain to build a more stable livelihood. We contribute more to local communities and the environment on a commercially viable basic to make them part of the value chain.

* The implementation of the corporate goal, corporate strategy and corporate values are constantly monitored and evaluated by BOD; and are reviewed quarterly during the BOD meeting. The most recent review was in June 2023.



It has been a decade since I took the responsibility of the Managing Director at Mya Ayer Group. When I look back the past years, it delights me to know that we have spent the time well by obtaining tremendous achievements and milestones not only as a group but also as individuals in a team of high achievers. Since the time I have started working as Managing Director of Mya Ayer Manufacturing, I have managed to upgrade it from a small family owned business with under 15 workers, having only one product to sell to a group of companies which currently employs over 250 employees in manufacturing and construction sectors. Our manufacturing company is now producing 25 SKUs, including both organic and conventional consumer products.

We introduced different value settings and contribute an inclusive business culture to coconut industry. Our factories use 50% renewable energy and are ISO22000 certified. We also certified over 2,500 coconut farmers and their lands as “USDA, EU and JAS certified organic” along with Control Union. Moreover, we manage to extend another solor-powered factory in Man-Aung Island in Rakhine State, with the support of DaNa Facility under DFID, UK for the development of the island and inclusive business benefits to its inhabitants. On top of that, our products have been exporting to Japan, Korea and China with our own brands.

We believe in gender equality and women empowerment. We employs more than 50% of women in our workplaces with equal pays. As a Managing Director, I, myself is devoted to the prosperous future of our group and wish to be the anchor, a tower of strength, right-hand man and leader to the group whom our colleagues look up to in time of crisis.

As a group, we value every effort to build the organization sustainability, to get positive outcomes in every aspect of development in community and to create better impacts for the future of our country.

Mr.Ye Htut Htake

Managing Director at Mya Ayer Group (Since 2012)
Executive Committee Member at Myanmar Industries Association
Chairman at Football Association South Dagon (FAS)
Founder, Former Chairman & Current Executive Member at Burmese Youth Association, UK

  • Remain close to all stakeholders including the chairman and board members, staff, clients, keydecision makers and external service suppliers.
  • Research and implement new initiatives to drive revenue, lower operating costs while maintain quality products that are competitive, all while delivery excellent customer support.
  • Continuous monitoring of the annual budget and ensure that revenue/sales targets are met.
  • Manage and report on the effective implementation of a marketing strategy to maintain market relevance and promote products and services to increase sales.
  • Manage key personnel, clients and service providers.
  • Maintain the quality of products, services, customer support and level of service inline with service level agreements and other retention strategies.
  • Promote the wellness of staff and implementing policies inline with labour legislation and health and safety guidelines to create a diverse and positive working environment.
  • Preparation of annual reports and attending/presenting at board meetings