• Pegu Flood Aids (13.08.2014)

    Rakhine Flood Relief Donations by Mya Ayer Group & Burmese Youth Association (UK) (03.08.2015 )

    Irrawaddy Delta Flood Relief Aids by Mya Ayer Group & Burmese Youth Association (UK) (09.08.2015)

  • Donation of Bagan Nyaung Oo Monastery Gate and Wall

    Lunch Offerings to Student Monks at Tipidaka Monastery

    Renovating of Paramishin Hall, Kyite Ka San Stupa

    Yearly Tadinkyout Lights Offering Festival

    Yearly Tazaungtine Festival Participation

  • Visit by Professors of IC Department

    - 17.09.2018

    - Yangon, Myanmar

    Today we are being visited by Professors from Industrial Chemistry Department of Dagon University in order to discuss Mya Ayer Fondation’s scholarship programme, internship opportunities, R&D fund support and other possible collaborations between private Manufacturing business and University for the benefits of Students.