• Burmese New Year (Tagu) donation

    - 23rd April 2024

    - Amar, Ayerwaddy Division

    Our Group's donation of rainwater reservoir and new roof for the main monastery hall of Vepullakari Forest Monastery in Amar Township, Ayeyarwady Delta. May our blessings extend to all our stakeholders, fostering enduring bonds and enriching lives with health, happiness, and abundant goodwill.

    Fresh Coconut Water Launched in Feb 2024

    - 9th February 2024

    With the intention of keeping Yangon's population refreshed and hydrated, Fresh Coconut Water bottles are introduced to Yangoners by Mya Ayer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. With its naturally sweet and refreshing taste, coconut water is the perfect drink whether you're hitting the gym, lounging on the beach, or simply enjoying a sunny day. Packed with electrolytes, potassium, and essential vitamins, each sip of our coconut water replenishes your body and invigorates your senses.

  • Mya Ayer Group of Companies' Waso donation

    - 2nd August 2023

    - Maha Vihara, Helgu, Yangon Division

    Our Group's donation of Waso robes and food to more than 830 monks in Hlegu Township. We share merit with all our business partners. May they be together and live long, healthy, happy, and full of good wishes.

    Third-party Certification Audit by Control Union in July

    - 22nd July 2023

    - Ywar Thar Gyi Industrial Zone

    To drive innovation, promote sustainability, and create a positive impact on food security and nutrition, Mya Ayer food safety team was conducted the third-party certification audits by Control Union.

    We intend to extend the ISO 22000, GMP and HACCP of our manufacturing practices under Control Union certification as an accredited and approved certification body. This enables us to receive a credible food safety certificate for our operations and our customers with confidence and peace of mind regarding food safety.

  • AIRMAN Smell Remover Launched in September 2022

    - 20th September 2022

    Mya Ayer Manufacturing Co., Ltd starts producing and selling Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal under the AIRMAN brand. Coconut Shell Charcoal is derived from the Natural Coconut Shell and it undergoes a steam activation process. Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal is eco-friendly and the best absorbent in air purification and preventing moisture born fungus. Airman Natural Smell Remover is now available with 4500 MMK per box.

    European Market Information Update and Panel Discussion

    - 24th July 2022

    - Park Royal Hotel, Yangon

    Our group’s Managing Director Mr.Ye Htut Htake participated as a panelist on the "European Market Information Update and Panel Discussion" hosted by Impact Hub Yangon on 24th July 2022(Sunday) at Park Royal Hotel, Yangon.

    The purpose of this event is for the MSMEs in Myanmar to have the knowledge of exportation procedures, requirements and the way to gain foreign market access in order to expand their businesses in Europe Market. In the event, U Myo Nyunt (Managing Director of Golden Bay Limited), U Tint Wai (Senior National SPS Adviser of ARISE Plus Myanmar Program) and U Ye Htut Htake (Managing Director of Mya Ayer Group of Companies) have been invited as panelists and Ma Thiri Aung (CEO and Co-founder of Ahlu Ama) as moderator. In addition, U Tint Wai (Senior National SPS Adviser of ARISE Plus Myanmar Program) also presentated and discussed about European Market Readiness Regulation Guidelines. The event has been successfully finished with a fruitful discussion interacted between the audiences sharing the updated information about the European Market by the panelists.

    Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Doses for all staffs

    - 16th July 2022

    - Ywar Thar Gyi Industrial Zone

    At Mya Ayer, we take the health of our staffs and safety of our customers very seriously. In order to prevent Covid-19, our management team has arranged for all our member of staffs to be 100% fully vaccinated. Today, we have successfully vaccinated a booster shot each for all our staffs in collaboration with Ministry of Health.

    NAWARAT AYER Annatto Launched in June 2022

    - 1st June 2022

    Mya Ayer Manufacturing Co., Ltd starts producing and selling Myanmar's first natural annatto food coloring under the Nawarat Ayer brand. It is an orange-red condiment and food coloring widely used in United States and Western Europe. United States considers the colorants derived from Annatto to be "exempt of certification". 1/15 of teaspoon of Annatto is equal to the full teaspoon of chili color. The proud product of Myanmar that has been produced according to health standards at every stage of packaging without any chemical additives. Nawarat Ayer Annatto is now available with 9000 MMK per bottle.

  • COCOHEALTH Body Butter launched in December 2021

    - 24th December 2021

    With the intention to provide quality care to every dry skin, COCOHEALTH Body Butter is started producing in Mya Ayer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Proud local Body Butter is formulated with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Vitamin-E, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and other skin essentials. It is delicate and quickly absorbed into the skin while others may leave a slight oily barrier. It protects your skin from dryness as well as rough or patchy skin. A must-have item for dry skin; COCOHEALTH Body Butter is now available with 13500 MMK per bottle.

    COCOHEALTH Body Moisture Lotion launched in December 2021

    - 24th December 2021

    Mya Ayer Manufacturing Co., Ltd starts producing another beauty essential; COCOHEALTH Body Moisture Lotion in December. Unlike the other regular lotion, COCOHEALTH Body Moisture Lotion is less viscous than creams as it contains signature Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and zinc oxide. It is designed for daily use as its smooth texture and fresh fragrance will absorb the deep down to the skin and moisture at its best. COCOHEALTH Body Moisture Lotion is now available with 9000 MMK per bottle.

    COCOHEALTH Lip Therapy Balm launched in November 2021

    - 24th November 2021

    “Right product, Right time”. We are welcoming new season with the launching of our beauty product; “Lip Therapy Balm” under the brand named COCOHEALTH. It’s a combination of high-quality ingredients like Extra Virgin Coconut Oil,Vitamin E and natural Beeswax. COCOHEALTH Lip Therapy Balm provides a nourishing effect to your dry lips and soothes them with light-weighted texture. Wine scented and unscented are available choices so that both women and men can use them. Another advantage of COCOHEALTH Lip Therapy Balm is that it is easy to apply and hygienic without the need for hand glue. An essential lip care with high-quality ingredients, COCOHEALTH Lip Therapy Balm, is now available with 4500 MMK per tube.

    Nawarat Ayer Coconut Milk Launched In July, 2021

    - 9th July 2021

    Mya Ayer Manufacturing Co., Ltd starts producing and selling Myanmar's first fresh natural coconut milk under the Nawarat Ayer brand. Nawart Ayer fresh coconut milk comes from the flesh of mature brown coconuts. It had a thick consistency and a rich creamy texture. It is used in many traditional cuisines and desserts around the world. It is a proud of Myanmar product that has been filtered according to health standards at every stage of packaging without any chemical additives. A pack of 165 ml of coconut milk is available for 800 Kyats and one packing contains 48 packs of coconut milk.

    Solar System Installation at Yangon Factory

    - 3th May 2021

    The manufacturer of many outstanding organic products, Mya Ayer Manufacturing, has installed 120 KWh solar system at the rooftop of the main factory building in order to be a small helping hand in prevention of climate change and global warming. The system is installed by JJ Pun Co., Ltd under the supervision of Alpha Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

    With pure intentions to help the reduction of CO2 emission rates, we have initiated a positive change by leading the way to invest in renewable source of energy, rather than fossil fuels or oil. Transforming our energy system to run on renewables & sustainable energy could result in job creation and economic development.

    By creating a positive impact on environment, we intend to be a more responsible processing factory targeted to produce better 'green' products for our consumers around the world.

  • Pwint Thitsa 2020 Report

    - 21st December 2020

    Mya Ayer Group participated in “Pwint Thitsa 2020 Report” for the first time and ranked 36th. Pwint Thitsa is a report on transparency in Myanmar Enterprises by accessing online disclosure of the corporate websites o 260 companies.. Mya Ayer Group is determined to improve continuously in the years to come.


    Environmental Conservation

    - 14th November 2020

    At Mya Ayer, we take our corporate responsibility seriously. The amount of waste water produced by our factory is neither significant nor consists of any harmful substances. Nonetheless, we are building an underground chamber where we will collect all the waste water by gravity flow and treat it before releasing to municipal drainage system.

    Mya Ayer Coconut Plantation Service

    - 2nd August 2020

    Mya Ayer with 30s years of experiences in manufacturing Coconut related products, we believe sourcing is critical for good quality products. To maintain the raw material quality, we introduced MA Coconut Plantation Service for those who are interested in coconut plantation with buying back agreement. The minimum order quantity starts from 100 coconut nursery plants for 1 acre. We also provide consultation services for buyers.

    MA Partnership Program

    - July 2020

    Introducing MA Partnership Program in July 2020. The aim of this program is to build the sustainable market between Mya Ayer and online retailers. In this program, 80% of the MA partners are women who are in her college or housewife willing to do side line business apart from their daily life routines. Once becoming a MA Partner company provides product information and sell products in certain discounts. The MA Partner needs to buy products monthly and pay a partnership fee. They do not need to find other partners to participate (A total difference for MLM). They need to sell the products in their online shops and retailed shops with fixed price.

    There are 12 products under this program which are Foodstuff, skincare and health care products.

    Solar System Installation at Man-Aung Ratana Integrated Processing Facility

    - 30th JUNE 2020

    - Man-Aung, Rakhine State

    'Mandalay Yoma' installed 130 kWp solar system at the rooftop of our Man-Aung Ratana's Integrated Coconut Processing Facility, a partnership project of Mya Ayer Group and DaNa Facility. The aim is to be a more responsible processing factory and produce better 'green' products for our consumers without being a burden on environment. Moreover, Mya Ayer has built 3x 1.5 million gallons(imperial) rain water reservoirs for the factory instead of using ground water, an effort to promote water conservation. In the end of this short video, you will see Myanmar's first systematic, commercial, organic coconut plantation.

    World´s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food | BIOFACH

    - 12th February 2020

    - Germany

    Participating in the world largest organic trade fair in Germany. We, Mya Ayer Manufacturing displayed our coconut products which are certified organic by EU, USDA and JAS processing under ISO 22000 facility. Currently we produce extra virgin coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, coconut flour and coconut water vinegar which are handcrafted. Our products are processed in energy efficient, clean and high-quality control.

    Joining CEO Business Matching Event at Tokyo, invited by SME Support Japan 🇯🇵

    - November 2019

    - Tokyo, Japan

    MYEA Inclusive Business Award 2019: Social Impact Award

    - 17th November 2019

    - Fortune Plaza, Yangon.

    We, Mya Ayer Group received the MYEA Inclusive Business Award 2019 under the title of Social Impact at the Myanmar Entrepreneur Summit 2019. This award is based on the factors of Innovation; creating job opportunities, business opportunities and Social impacts on local communities.

  • 16th China-ASEAN Trade Fair - Nanning

    - 21st September 2019

    - Nanning, Guangxi

    Our partner company,. “Guangxi-Myanmar Treasury Trading” participated and introduced Certified Organic health and beauty products with GMP, GHP, HACCP, ISO 22000 Standard. Our products are COCOHEALTH – Supplement and Night Serum, PEARL AYER - Coconut Water Vinegar, NAWARAT AYER – Organic Kitchen Products such as Cooking Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour and Desiccated Coconut. The China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) is an important platform for promoting trade and friendly relations between Mainland China and ASEAN. CAEXPO is the most important trade and investment event in Mainland China targeting ASEAN.

    Factory Visit from Research and Innovative Dept., Ministry of Education

    - 18th JUNE 2019

    - Mya Ayer Group

    Dr.Phyu Phyu Win, the Deputy Director General, other Directors and researchers of the Department of Research and Innovation, Ministry of Education and Master Students from Engineering University visited Mya Ayer Group advanced zero waste integrated coconut factory. The delegation was accompanied by Mr.Ye Htut Htake, Managing Director and the quality control team.

    BIOFACH South East Asia

    - 11th JULY 2019

    - IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

    Myanmar’s most pioneer and innovative home-grown SME Company for Certified Organic Coconut Products, Mya Ayer Group, participated at BIOFACH South East Asia from (11.07.19-14.07.19) at Myanmar Pavilion, Hall 8, IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

    Rakhine State Investment Fair

    - 22nd FEBRUARY 2019

    - Nagapali Beach, Rakhine State

    We are honored that the State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi visits our stall at Rakhine State Investment Fair. The State Counsellor was intrigued by our organic coconut products and inquired the details of all products we produce. She purchased our Cocohealth Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Nawarat Ayer Coconut Flour and Nawarat Ayer Coconut Sugar.

    Project Site Visit

    - 11th FEBRUARY 2019

    - Man-Aung, Rakhine State

    Mya Ayer Group’s Man-Aung Ratana Factory Project on Man-Aung Island was visited by DFID (UK) and DaNa Facility Teams. This Zero waste factory project run 45% on Solar Renewable Energy is supported by DFID through DaNa facility and will have good social impacts and inclusiveness to some 2,000 coconut farmers and their families. The factory will create 250 direct job opportunities. To mark the visit, DFID and DaNa team planted new dwarf variety coconuts at Ratana Man-Aung Coconut Model Plantation.

    First Commercial Intercropping of Turmeric and Ginger at Man-Aung

    - 6th JANUARY 2019

    - Man Aung Island, Rakhine State

    The Organic Red Turmeric Intercropping farmers made our day. They have reported out of 33 acres, 28 is a success and the rest is average, so one is to conclude that it’s 85% success with the average output between 5 to 10 times. Therefore, the income of Coconut plantations will be supplemented by another 3-5 lakhs per acre on top of income from coconuts. However we are sad to learn that we cannot report the same success for 17 acres of Organic Ginger where 45% is damaged by fungus and the rest will only have estimated harvest of 2-3 times the mother seed. But ginger price is on the upper side which is a relief. This is the first time ever Man-Aung farmers has done commercial Intercropping of such scale. Hopefully next year they will improve.

  • Wenzhou International Import Expo

    - 26th OCTOBER 2018

    - Wenzhou, China

    We participate in Wenzhou International Import Expo to expand market in China for our organic Coconut products.

    Thadingyut Lighting Festival

    - 24th OCTOBER 2018

    - Kyait-Ka-San Pagoda, Thingangyun, Yangon, Myanmar

    We wish a Happy Thadingyut Festival to all those celebrating across Myanmar.

    Our 30th time of 1000 lights offering ceremony to Buddha at Kyait-Ka-San Pagoda is held together with the whole Mya Ayer family. Every year we offer free food to all people come to lighting festival.

    Opening Ceremony of “Ma Soe Yein” Factory

    - 18th OCTOBER 2018

    - Ywar Thar Gyi Industrial Zone, South Dagon, Yangon, Myanmar

    On 18th October 2018, in the presence of His Excellency John Nielsen, Ambassador of Kingdom of Denmark to Myanmar, Regional MPs, Government Officials and Guests, Mya Ayer Group’s new “Ma Soe Yein” factory inauguration ceremony was commenced. The new “Ma Soe Yein” factory is an ISO22000, GMP and HACCP certified facility, mainly produce organic coconut related products. The New Factory is being supported by Responsible Business Fund (RBF) of Kingdom of Denmark in the area of Energy Efficiency, Food Safety and Operational Safety and Health. It will create over 100 Job opportunities for people in South Dagon township.

    Opening of Mya Ayer Group’s Coconut Collection Centre (1)

    - 11th OCTOBER 2018

    - Amar, Ayerwaddy

    Mya Ayer Group’s Coconut Collection Centre (1) was opened with a Traditional Inauguration Ceremony at Amar, Ayarwaddy Delta. The Collection Centre will work with over 800 smallhold Organic Coconut Farmers. Mya Ayer Group has certified more than 1100 acres of Natural Coconut Plantations as Organic with Control Union, International Third-Party Inspection Body. The Collection Centre has enough space to hold 3 million coconuts.

    Ceremony for awarding MIC Certificate to Man-Aung Ratana Company

    - 9th OCTOBER 2018

    - Sittwe, Raakhine

    Man-Aung Ratana Company, under Mya Ayer Group has been awarded MIC Certificate right after the Rakhine State Investment Committe Meeting by U Nyi Pu, the Chief Minister of Rakhine State. This certificate is the first ever to be awarded after the opening of DICA office in Sittwe. We are grateful to the Chief Minister, Cabinet Ministers and Heads of Civil Departments for their diligence and efficiency. Our thanks especially go to Dr. Htoo Min Thame, the Director of DICA office in Rakhine and his team for making this possible in incredible 25 days after submitting the Proposal, working with strong sense of duty and responsibility of a true civil official.

    Rakhine State Investment Committee Meeting

    - 9th OCTOBER 2018

    - Sittwe, Raakhine

    Ma Chaw Su Hlaing, Manager of Marketing & Public Relation Department of Mya Ayer Group presented “Man-Aung Ratana Project” to Chief Minister U Nyi Pu, Cabinet Ministers and Heads of Civil Departments at Rakhine State Investment Committee Meeting.

    The 15th China-ASEAN EXPO

    - 12th SEPTEMBER 2018

    - Nanning, China

    One of our popular product, Cocohealth which is also awarded “Pride of Myanmar” by biggest supermarket chain of Myanmar, City Mart Group, is now participating in 15th China-ASEAN Expo at Nanning with the objective of getting export market for our country. We are honored that U Myint Swe, the Vice- President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, visited our Booth and supported us.

    The China-ASEAN EXPO (CAEXPO) is co-sponsored by ministries/department of commerce or industry and trade of China and the 10 ASEAN member states as well as the ASEAN Secretariat, and is organized by the people’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. (Ref:CAEXPO)

    Expansion of Certified Organic Coconut Plantations

    - 18th JUL 2018

    - Gwa, Rakhine State

    Due to growing demand of our customers for Organic Coconut Products at home and abroad, we expanded our certification to add large area of Coconut Plantations in Ayerwaddy Delta and Rakhine, both home to free range Coconuts along their costal regions. The Inspection trip is led by our Chief Procurement and Purchasing Manager, U Aung Than, accompanied by an Inspector from well-reputed Control Union, an International Third Party Certification Body.

    Having done this Inspection trip, Mya Ayer Group will have over 3,500 Acres of Certified Organic Coconut Plantations to supply various types of Organic Coconut Products, to our Customers in Myanmar and worldwide, processed from Free-Range, Healthy, Good Quality and without a doubt Organic Coconuts. It’s our ultimate belief that our Organic Products from the “Tree of Life” will bring more happiness and smiles to all people in the Supply Chain.

    THAIFEX 2018

    - 29th MAY 2018

    - Bangkok, Thailand

    Our Marketing Team, led by our Marketing Manager, Mrs. Chaw Su Hlaing, presented thousands of visitors with our Organic products such as Cocohealth Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Supplement and Pearl Ayer Coconut Water Vinegar.

    Visitors especially enjoyed Pearl Ayer and complement the 'weight loss product' as "Wow, it tastes like white wine". The team managed to connect with some of the famous big market players and contributed the image and reputation of our Mya Ayer Group.

    MD Meeting with First Batch of Coconut Farmers for Organic Intercropping

    - 1st MAY 2018

    - Man-Aung, Rakhine State, Myanmar.

    In the afternoon of 1st May 2018, Our Managing Director met with the first batch of coconut farmers who are keen to participate in the first-ever 50 Acres commercial intercropping of organic Ginger and Turmeric between coconut trees.

    He addressed their concerns and motivated them personally. Our company is providing seeds to farmers and guarantee to buy-back the outputs, which relief farmers the burden of having to find market for their produces.

    Following that Our Managing Director inspected the arrived Seeds from Shan State and already cultivated farms.

    It’s Our Company’s desire that Organic Intercropping will Supplement income of coconut farmers and will be a game changer in the near future.

    Foundation Stones Laying Ceremony for Man-Aung Facility

    - 1st MAY 2018

    - Man-Aung, Rakhine State, Myanmar.

    In honour of May the 1st, International Labour Day, we organised Buddhist Rituals for Land Cleansing of Man-Aung Ratana Project Area which would create employment opportunities. Furthermore, in order to mark the Official starting of Construction works of the Facility, Our Managing Director laid the Foundation Stones together with Right Honourable U Tin Nu Aung, M.P of Pyithuhuttaw and U Myint Hlaing, Chief Township Administration Officer in the presence of Government Department Heads and Community Leaders.

    It is our ardent hope that this Project will create hundreds of direct and indirect job opportunities for Man-Aung Community and bring sustainable development with good social impacts for the Island.

    Pre Organic Inspection at Amar

    - 21st FEB 2018

    - Amar, Ayerwaddy Division

    Due to increasing demand for our Organic Coconut Products Worldwide, we are adding another 1100 Acres of Organic Coconut Free Range Plantations at Amar, which is one of the Land End Towns of Ayerwaddy Delta of Myanmar. Our Managing Director personally went on procurement field trip for initial Inspection and signing Organic Agreement with Coconut Farmers. The local community leaders and farmers representatives, consist mostly of Karen and Rakhine Ethnic origins, welcomed Mya Ayer Delegation with overwhelming hospitality and great enthusiasm for Organic Farming.

    It is understood that the company will establish a Collection Centre at Amar and purchased Coconuts from Certified farms and assemble there before transporting to our Yangon Facility. It is expected that the newly added farms will be able to match our growing demand and will satisfy our customers.

  • ASEAN - Korea Expo

    - 30th OCT 2017

    - Seoul, South Korea

    We are honoured to participate in ASEAN - Korea Exhibition representing Myanmar with Organic Products. It is note worthy to know that Korean people love our Organic Coconut Products too. South Korean News Agencies also interviewed our Marketing Manager Ms. Chaw Su Hlaing. Ambassador of Myanmar, Secretary General of Korean Centre and Chairman of Hyundai Tech, visited our booth and purchased our products.

    14th China-ASEAN Expo

    - 15th SEP 2017

    - Nanning, Guangxi

    First time Introduction of our Organic Cocohealth Products in Mainland China at 14th China-ASEAN Expo at Nanning. The result is very gratifying. We received astonishingly high attention from Chinese Public. Sold out one type of the products completely. Connected many prospected wholesale buyers and Interviewed by Xinhua, Anhui and Myanmar Times. Very successful Expo.

    Mya Ayer Group is the First in Certified Organic Coconuts

    - 31st JUL 2017

    - Zeejaint, Ayerwaddy Division.

    We are starting our little Organic Adventure. Mya Ayer Group is certifying 81 Acres of Coconut Plantations to be Certified Organic with Control Union for USDA, EU and JAS certificates as Our Pilot Project. Our Managing Director Mr. Ye Htut Htake personally inspected together with CU. We are the very First Company to certify coconut plantations Organic in 🇲🇲 Myanmar 🇲🇲. This initiative will also provide extra income for Coconut farmers with Organic Intercrops.

    Our Managing Director also contributed for the village main road building as part of the CSR for Zeejaint village.

    MD Meeting with Chief Minister of Rakhine State over State Development and Improvement of Livelihood for People in Rural Area(07.05.2017)

    MD Interview in Tha Ra Phu Magazine (for March 2017)(01.03.2017)

    Praticipating FDA's Trade Show (22.02.2017)

    MD Visited Organic Exemplary Farms & Man-Aung Ratana Factory Project at Man-Aung Island (16.02.2017)

    MD attending Shan State Investment Fair (10.02.2017)

    MD U Ye Htut Htake Interviewed By European Business Time Magazine (09.02.2017)

    Sponsored Charity Fair (01.01.2017)

  • MD U Ye Htut Htake visiting Man-Aung Island for Man-Aung Ratana Project's Progress and Meeting with Local Community Leaders, Farmers & Local Authorities (22.12.2016)

    MD U Ye Htut Htake visiting BJC Public Company & Inca Oil Office, Bangkok, Thailand (02.12.2016)

    Japanese Trade Show at Tatmadaw Hall (04.11.2016)

    Myanmar Eco Solutions visits for Green Energy - Solar Power (01.11.2016)

    Visit From Dr.Nick Freeman, Director of DaNa(UK) (31.10.2016)

    Participating at UMFCCI AGM Trade Show, National Theatre (30.10.2016)

    MD meeting with Community Leaders from Man-Aung with regard to Man-Aung Ratana Factory Project (21.10.2016)

    Visit by Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd for New Machineries Purchase (19.10.2016)

    MD U Ye Htut Htake's Man-Aung Visit for New Factory Investment (12.10.2016)

    MD Presenting Sayargyi U Saw Hlaing's painting to our Thai Business Partner Mr. Siripong (09.10.2016)

    Visit from Mr.Sharma, Sonic Bio Chemicals, India (10.08.2016)

    Myamar's Famous Brands Trade Show, Tatmadaw Hall (29.07.2016)

    MYEA AGM Trade Show (23.07.2016)

    Visit by Mr Kurachi, Councilor of Japan Productivity Centre (16.07.2016)

    FDA, Myanmar's Inspection Visit on Cocohealth Productin Facility (14.05.2016)

    Chairman U Soe Myint Awarding Loyal Distributors (01.04.2016)

    Participating at Alibaba Trade Fair, Tatmadaw Hall (26.02.2016 )

  • MD U Ye Htut Htake, Participating in YEN-D Thai- Myanmar One Week Course (01.11.2015)

    MD U Ye Htut Htake meeting with Union Minster U Win Myint, Ministry of Commerce, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar (07.10.2015)

    Visit of German Chamer of Commerce, Yangon, Myanmar (22.09.2015)

    UMFCCI Annual General Meeting Trade Fair at National Theatre, Yangon (09.09.2015)

  • WISHH, Soybean Association, United States visited Mya Ayer Group Head Office (06.09.2014)

    UMFCCI Annual General Meeting Trade Fair at National Theatre, Yangon (12.08.2014)

    Mr.Ramesh Jain, Director of Prestige Feed Mills, India visited Our C.E.O (12.07.2013)